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Our Tenants


At Westminster Community Homes (WCH), we're committed to being at the heart of our communities, providing homes for lower-income households in the heart of London – City of Westminster.


WCH is an innovative and forward-thinking organisation, we want all our residents to feel comfortable in their homes, make the most of their tenancies and be proud of where they live because we know that building strong communities is as important as providing a home.


"Our aim is for all our residents to be happy and feel part of their community."

Westminster Community Homes has a two way relationship with its tenants.

We expect that you:

  • Pay your rent on time

  • Keep the property in good condition

  • Are a good neighbour, by thinking about how your behaviour affects others

  • Comply with all aspects of your tenancy agreement 

In return, we promise that we:

  • Ensure your home is well maintained

  • Carry out repairs quickly and effectively

  • Always deal with you in a respectful way

  • Will continue to deliver affordable property to our tenants*

All Westminster Community Homes properties located within Westminster are managed through the City Council, so we have adopted their policies and procedures to ensure all tenants, whether City Council or Westminster Community Homes, receive equal treatment and have equal rights. 


*For our Intermediate Rent Tenants we will continue to provide affordable rent year on-year. To allow us to this, we increase the cost of rent by National Inflation (CPI + 1%) Annually. 

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