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WCH are continuing with their efforts in acquiring all leasehold interests across Sites A, B and C if leaseholders wish to sell their property.

We continued to purchase properties through 2020 and into 2021. So, if you are thinking of selling your property, and live within the Church St renewal area, please do contact me. WCH have already voluntarily acquired half of the Leasehold units on Site A and expect further purchases through 2021, with the intention of gaining vacant possession of the site by the start of 2022.

If you own a property in Phase B or C of the Church St and are thinking of selling, we will be happy to arrange a valuation by our RICS accredited surveyor. I can talk you through how the sale will progress. I am also available to guide you through the process, right through to the point of sale. I can also offer advice and guidance on looking for alternative properties.

Please find a link below to Westminster City Council’s website, which contains the Leaseholder policy for Housing Renewal areas. You will find 2 documents, the full policy plus the rehousing options leaflet, a shortened more accessible version of the full policy. This is a good starting point if you want to know what you are entitled to when selling your property.

Leaseholder policy for Housing Renewal Areas | Westminster City Council

Ian Sellens - Church Street 23/03/2021

Ian Sellens Regeneration Update

Digging at Construction Site

Works Started at Victoria Wharf Second site

Works are due to begin on Monday 22nd March to begin construction of the second site of Victoria Wharf.

Works planned in the next month involve:

Establishing the site area

Demolition of the builders office

Levelling the site area ready for piling in early May

Ian's Regen Update

Church Street Regeneration


WCH are continuing with their efforts in acquiring all leasehold interest across Sites A, B and C if lessees are interested in selling.

We have continued to purchase properties throughout the lockdown, so if you are thinking of selling your property, and live within the Church St renewal area, please get in contact. WCH have already acquired almost half of the Leasehold units on Site A and look to continue these purchases through 2021, with the intention of gaining vacant possession of the site by the start of 2022.

If you are a leaseholder on the Church St renewal area, please do contact us. We will keep you informed about progress of the City Council’s plans for the site. If you live on Site A of Church St, you will have heard from us already but even if you live in Phases B or C and are curious to know how these plans will impact on you please do get in touch. If you are looking to sell your property, we will be happy to arrange a valuation by a RICS accredited surveyor.



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Anton Ebury Regen Update

During these challenging times WCH continue to negotiate with lessees on the Ebury Bridge Estate to buy back their leasehold interest on behalf of Westminster City Council. With only 36 lessee’s left to negotiate and agree terms with on the site (out of 140), WCH successfully acquired vacant possession of yet another block on the estate just before Christmas 2020. This has prepared the block for demolition in early March and continues to pave the way for the first phase of the new Ebury Bridge Estate.


There are now only 6 blocks left on site which consists of 2 phases, Phase 2a and phase 2b. The target to have vacant possession of Phase 2a by August 2022 is likely to be achieved as WCH are already having conversations with several of those lessees in those blocks, with a view to agree terms as soon as possible.


We are in mid-transaction acquiring some leasehold interest from Phase 2b, however we welcome more lessees from Phase 2b to open up discussions with us to sell their property back to WCC if they so wish to do so.


We Welcome Faith Rose back to the Team

Faith Rose worked for Westminster Community from the set up of the organisation until 2017. She has returned to Westminster Community Homes temporarily support them regeneration team and assist with engaging with leaseholders on the regeneration sites sites; Ebury Bridge Estate and Church Street

We Welcome Ian Sellens to the Team

Ian joined the team in September and his position involves negotiating the voluntary acquisition of leaseholder’s homes where they are affected by Westminster City Council regeneration projects.

Ian has 20 years experience working in Housing, including working with residents on sites due for demolition. He  now works with leaseholders on to Church Street, a Westminster City Council renewal area to assess their re-housing priorities and work with them to facilitate the acquisition of suitable alternative accommodation. Ian will guide the lessee through the whole process, from advising what options are available through to the move to their new home.

Anton Regeneration update

Church Street Regeneration,


WCH continue their  efforts to acquiring all leasehold interest across Sites A, B and C, if lessee’s are interested in selling now.


As lockdown eases, more terms are being agreed on the Church Street Estate. Within the most recent days, 3 leaseholders have agreed to sell their property back by agreement to the City Council. WCH are slowly, but surely gaining vacant possession of Site A, and hope to keep this momentum throughout the rest of the year, into 2021, to gain vacant possession of the site by the start of 2022.


WCH continue to form relationships with lessee’s, not only on Site A but with leaseholders across the masterplan, as an effort to eventually gain vacant possession of all sites.


Ebury Bridge Estate,


After gaining vacant possession in late March, Phase 1 is almost completely demolished. 3 buildings are at ground level, whilst the last two are halfway gone.


As WCC make preparations to make a Compulsory Purchase Order for phase 2a residents, negotiations across the estate continue. Phase 2a vacant possession dates have now been accelerated to 2022, and WCC make preparations to make a Compulsory Purchase Order. WCH continue their efforts to negotiate with leaseholders to sell their property back by agreement, and support lessees in any way possible throughout these hard times.


Moves away from the estate are still an options for lessees, as well as inter-estate moves into already vacant properties on the estate, that may sit within phase 2b. Relationships continue to grow with leaseholders on the estate to better understand their circumstances.



Jackson Odoch - Regeneration Negotiator leaves Westminster Community Homes

Jackson Odoch had been working with Westminster Community Homes since October 2017. His efforts have been invaluable in assisting us with rehousing Grenfell Lessee's on behalf of RBKC and assisting with leaseholders during major works at Leo Court. We thank him for his contribution to our team and wish him all the best for the future.  

                        update by Sophie 02/07/20



Harrow Road

We have just completed on the purchase of 581-587 Harrow Road, at the end of St John's Terrace. The project will aim at providing a number of affordable housing units towards Westminster Council's quota for the year. We aim to have produced plans for the planning application in the next four months.

                      Update by Sophie 11/06/20


Navigator Service / Grenfell update 14/05/20

Jackson has provided us an update on his work with the Navigator team and Grenfell Tower. You can read more following this link.

Acquisitions of existing properties and new build programmes in 2019/20

WCH will only buy a property if there is financial viability, housing need and strategic priorities. With some support from Westminster City Council’s Affordable Housing funding, WCH successfully acquired 40 properties for Intermediate Rent Horizon Scheme and 1 property for social housing in 2019/20. WCH have also acquired the land adjacent 2018 WCH Development at Victoria Wharf, Ladbroke Grove which we aim to deliver an extension of the site by 2022.

Planning permission was submitted on 7th April 2020 and we have reappointed the contractors of the original site, Quinn London Ltd to start on site this summer.

All acquired units have or will be brought up to WCH highest specification of works and all but one will be used within the 2019 Intermediate Rent Horizon scheme which WCH has committed to deliver.

Update by Hannah Callender 14/05/20

Studio Properties

WCH acquired 17 studios last year, much thought was put into delivering units that would make the most of space and to offer lots of storage opportunities.

WCH grouped up with Ethos Architects and Furniture Group to design the below bed storage pods, and other space saving adaptions were made to the kitchens and bathrooms. So far we have had a very positive response to these units.

Update by Hannah Callender 14/05/20

The Bed Pod

I like that the bed-pod is spacious, it had an incredible amount of storage and it utilises the space really well. The bed lights are bright and the curtain rail is a nice addition. Once a curtain is put up, the bed looks really cozy. The wardrobe that is built in the bed-pod has plenty of space, it is quite tall and the full length mirror inside one of the doors is great. The whole assembly is sturdy and well made.

Quote from Ilie, one of our tenant's.