Community Engagement

Westminster Community Homes is committed to providing support to the Community, particularly in areas we have properties.


Since 2011, WCH have provided over £200,000 of funding into various community projects ranging from sports activities, environmental schemes and those designed to aid educational attainment.

WCH have worked with the City Council’s Economic Development & Regeneration Team to review the current programme and provide proposals which deliver social value, which are:

Leverage / Additionality

Wherever possible, we will invest with others to support greater outcomes.


Influence and advocacy to suppliers and the sector

WCH as a purchaser of goods and services and through our wider connections with the sector can and should be a force for good. Working with others delivers more for our investment and ultimately for our tenants.


Addressing identified needs

Programmes respond to needs identified by the community and our tenants and that we work in partnership with the Council’s Economy Team to develop our understanding and knowledge of need and interventions.



That we quantify the benefits of our programme to help tell our story and aligning to our mission and purpose of Building a Brighter Future for All. KPIs will be incorporated into our Board Reporting.



Where possible, our Social Value programme is directly benefiting the lives of our tenants.

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2020-22 Funded Projects

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The funded homework and breakfast clubs are all proving very popular in each of the schools supported. Burdett Coutts stopped their programme of after school provision in 2021 when a new Head Teacher joined the school. The 2 clubs at St Gabriel’s and St Stephens that stopped the homework clubs during 2020/21 have both fully resumed the provision.

As schools have been responding to the lost learning hours suffered by many children over the extended period of remote working, the homework clubs have if anything grown more popular and important, as is reflected in some of the school comments.

The numbers engaged in the 6 supported homework and breakfast clubs are as follows:

St Mary Magdalene’s:18

St Gabriel’s: 30 (15 & 15)

St Stephens:20

St Augustine’s:38 (16 & 22)

King Solomon KS2 breakfast club:21

King Solomon KS1 breakfast club:40

Our Breakfast Clubs provide a welcoming space for pupils each morning. Pupils receive breakfast and can do activities as well. For some families this means they can manage their work commitments and drop their children off to school before they need to go to work.  For other families it means their child is receiving breakfast each day, and for others it is about supporting their children to be organised and in school on time every day.

Westminster Wheels

Westminster Community Homes are supporting this fantastic project helping young people who are not in education or employment train to gain a City and Guilds 

Level 2 Mechanic qualification.

After their trainees become qualified they get them to work in the workshop and out front at their shop - you'll likely be served by them if you pop in!

This year we took kids from King Solomon primary school to Oxfordshire to visit a working farm and see the animals up close. Our staff members Hannah and Sophie traveled along for the day out. The children were thrilled to feed the sheep and we all witnessed a new born calf who had been born that very morning.

College Farm

“These trips have been a wonderful part of the Y1 curriculum perfectly linked to the children's learning about animals. As a school we have benefitted from these wonderful trips for the last 6 years and they are so well run and the hosts are brilliant.


Both staff and children alike value theses funded trips and we would recommend them continuing for as long as possible! "-  Lisa Eyre, Assistant Head Teacher, Ark Paddington Green Primary Academy

In 2016/17 we funded the following projects:

  • Greening of the playground at St Edmunds Primary school

  • Primary school farm trips

  • Youth Clubs

  • Football clubs

  • Breakfast clubs for primary school children

  • Homework clubs

Paddington Farm