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Neil Tryner

WCH CEX and Company Secretary

Neil joined WCH as new Chief Executive and Company Secretary in February 2023 .  Neil was previously Managing Director of Co-op Homes and has also led homeless services for Birmingham City Council and Care and Support services for other registered providers.


Hannah Callender

Operations Manager

Hannah is a full time member of staff and oversees the day to day running of Westminster Community Homes, including clienting the various external contracts we have in place.  Hannah completed a degree in Residential Property.


Sophie Sheekey

Operations Officer

Sophie works full time assisting Hannah on general overall running of the office including accounts payable. Sophie also manages the void properties and Stock Refresh project. Sophie is responsible for Intermediate rent and oversees advertising Horizon scheme properties, hosts viewings and is the contact for Intermediate rent tenants. 

Kim Wright.PNG

Kim Wright


Kim Wright is a full time member of staff, working as Administrator, to provide effective and efficient assistance to the rest of the team, in the daily running of Westminster Community Homes.  Her previous 27 years of experience in various admin posts within the Civil Service will help her do just that.


Severine Masona

Operations Officer (Temp)

Severine is joining us as temporary maternity cover for Sophie.

Severine has over 15 years experience in the customer service field in the private and public sectors. She worked in the building construction field for 5 years as a Liason Manager. She will be working on void management, Stock Refresh and Intermediate Rent. 


Anton Robinson

Leasehold Negotiator

Anton has more than 10 years’ experience negotiating property sales and acquisitions, this includes the process of a Compulsory Purchase Order, as well as giving evidence at a public enquiry. Anton continues to negotiate with leaseholders effected by regeneration across Westminster City Council, assisting these lessees to find and acquire alternative accommodation. His remit stretches further as he assists Westminster City Council in acquiring properties to provide temporary accommodation to residents who are not permanently housed within the borough. Anton also assists in the management of a small number of tenancies within Westminster Community Homes.


Ian Sellens

Regeneration Negotiator

Ian is involved in negotiating the voluntary acquisition of leaseholder’s homes affected by Westminster City Council regeneration projects. 

Ian has over 20 years' experience working in Housing, including working with residents on sites due for demolition. He is

currently working with leaseholders on Church Street, a Westminster City Council renewal area to assess their re-housing priorities and work with them to facilitate the acquisition of suitable alternative accommodation. Ian will guide the lessee through the entire process, from advising what options are available right up to the move to their new home. 

The Board

The Board has six members, all nominated by the City Council.


This Board controls all activities carried out by Westminster Community Homes.

Current Board Members are:

Mark Davies - Director of Integer Advisory

Thomas Harding - WCC Head of Responsible Economy

Boe Williams 

Victoria Elvidge 

Gary Preston - Finance Director, Dolphin Living

Andy Whitley - Richmond Fellowship

The composition of The Board brings an excellent combination of local knowledge, business, financial expertise, resident perspective and commitment.

The Board meets four times a year with further one off meetings as required on specific topics. To ensure that the business continues to go forward efficiently between board meetings, E reports on urgent items are produced as required. These reports and the decisions are then reported formally at the next available board meeting.


WCH is being assisted by advisors who are specialists in their field.

Property Management 

Devonshire's provides this service to Westminster Community Homes.


Jones Avens , who have now merged with Carpenter Box and rebranded to Carpenter Box Jones Avens, have been appointed by Westminster Community Homes as auditors since 2011.

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