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Stock Refresh Project

With energy prices rising fast across the country, Westminster Community Homes are looking to help its tenants drive those costs down with improvements that make our stock more energy efficient and safer.



Beginning in March 2022, Westminster Community Homes aim to reach out to all of our 500+ tenants to carry out "Healthy Homes Surveys".

The aim is to ensure that all of our tenants have a safe, energy efficient and healthy home, free from damp and deterioration.


By March 2023, all of our properties will have been inspected by the firm of surveyors we are using; Phillip Pank. The surveys will begin with our oldest stock, but all homes will be checked for any signs of the following:


Carbon Monoxide Detectors

If your building has a gas supply, we will be fitting a carbon monoxide detector. It’s hard wired so you don’t have to worry about batteries, and it will be maintained by us every year as part of your annual gas check.

The condition of your home – wear and tear

We want to take a look at the general condition of your home. Some of our homes are over ten years old and may need some wear and tear repairs. The survey will give us some important information that will help us to make our homes more durable for the future.

Fire Safety - Front Doors

We will be working with the City Council to carry out inspections to see if your current front door needs to be replaced or improved.

Energy efficient home – Energy Performance Certificate (EPC)

We want to ensure that all of our homes meet at least the EPC C rating in order to make them as energy efficient as we can and reduce your heating costs.  Our survey will look to identity any areas where an improvement could be made.

Healthy home   - Damp and Mould

We want to ensure that your home is properly ventilated so we will be checking to see if there are any signs of damp and mould. If there are, we will work with you to help you understand how you can make small changes to improve this, as well as installing improved ventilation in severe cases.

Raise Concerns with our Surveyors

But please remember that they are there to look for specific items, and general repairs  should be raised with our Repairs team as usual: 

0800 358 3783

or email

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