Making Your Home Safer

We are excited to share with you our latest, and most ambitious project!

As you may have heard in the media, there are various changes to the law being introduced to increase the safety of your home. Some of these are still suggestions and have not yet become the law but we want to lead by example so we are launching our project to update your home.

We are calling this the Housing Refresh Project.


Our mission is to ensure that all of our tenants feel safe in their homes. We will be using this project to ensure our homes meet Government legislation which came into force in 2020. This means that all of our homes will be assessed for fire risk and be fully compliant by 2023. 


The project will be carried out in the following stages:

Step One  - Delivery of a Home Safety Pack to every Westminster Community Homes property – June 2021

Step Two  -  A sample of approximately 200 homes will be selected for an internal inspection by a surveyor so that we can get an understanding of the general condition of the properties and areas that we may be able to make better for you – June to August 2021

Step Three – A contractor will be appointed to visit every property and carry out some works from the list of five items below (not all properties will require all of the works) – Winter 2021 onwards